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Q- Where do your bones come from?

A- I am a scavenger by nature and am always looking for remains even if I am walking in the city. When I am hiking, camping, or traveling I am always scouting for remains and other treasures I can collect and use for my art. 

About 90% of the bones I offer are scavenged locally by me from natural remains or road casualties. The other 10% come from several sources: 
-Friends will often give me bones they find hiking, or trade me bones that I know to be from natural deaths.
-Friends who own farms give me remains of thier stock. Often there are unpreventable deaths or natural pet deaths and I am given the remains.
Other trusted sellers- there is a community here of “vultures” or those who collect remains and otherwise source and sell cruelty free bones. Occasionally when I cannot find something myself or in my region I will purchase from another trusted seller.

I also will use waste materials from other sources including thrifted and second hand clothing. I have utilized scrap fur from vintage clothing, scrap leather and repurposed bone knife handles. Here in Portland, people have a strange habit of leaving "free piles" in front of their houses rather than trashing or donating unwanted items. I have found furs, bones, jewelry, furniture, clothing, leather and other art materials in the street. It is a strange but fruitful occurrence here in the Northwest.I see no problem with utilizing these found materials for my work. To me they feel ethically acceptable to use, as I hate to see this beautiful material go to waste.

I have never killed or harmed an animal to work with its bones or remains. To do so would go against my personal code of ethics. The animals I used are long dead before they come to my hands.

Because I do not buy bulk bones the pieces I make are often one-of-a-kind or only available in very small quantities or as resources allow. All the bones I find are processed myself using non-chemical treatments that are ecologically sound and safe for wear. I make every effort to utilize or re-purpose all my animal materials so that nothing is wasted.

Q- Do you offer wholesale or consignment to shops that want to carry your items?

A- Yes. Though because of the limited resources described above, only small lots of certain items are available for wholesale and consignment. I sell my items in several brick-and-mortar shops and I am happy to discuss my rates. Send me a message.

Q-Where do you buy your caps/fobs/findings?

A- I don’t purchase my jewery findings,most of them are handmade. Save for my chains, all my findings and jewelry hardware are handmade from scratch. My bails are soldered on and sturdy.
Occasionally I will utilized antique hardware or recycle/repurpose vintage jewelry. When I do it is always mentioned in the description.

Q-Where do your stones and metals come from?

A- I am a constant and compulsive collector. I have amassed a considerable stockpile of gemstones since I started collecting them at a young age. I prefer to use natural stones and I’ll collect them in the wild all over the Pacific Northwest, and also from gem shows and rock fairs. I have a rock tumbler in my studio and tumble some of the stones that I find in my travels.
The metals I use are bought in raw form from a reputable and longstanding jewelry supplier. I also source all of my high quality soldered link sterling and brass chains from this supplier. 

Q-Do you ever do trades?

A- Sometimes. Generally when I do a trade it is for an item or service of equal value that I already like, want, or need and cannot produce or obtain myself. If you have an item or service that you think I would be interested in, please send me a thoughtful message.

Q- Where did you receive your training?

A- I have a BFA in Illustration from Pacific Northwest College of Art and have exhibiting my work in galleries locally and internationally since 2008. I have had 3 years of proper Metalsmith training from Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, California. For 3 years I have made miniatures for a stop-motion animation studio in Portland, Oregon. I have created puppets, armatures, props, costumes, sets and set designs. I have been making my own jewelry for 8 years and selling my work online since 2011. I aim to always increase the quality and craftsmanship of my work and always be experimenting and learning to techniques and processes.

Q- I need help finding my ring size. Can you help me?

A- Yes. Here is a link that outlines 3 helpful methods to determine your rings size:

Q- Where else do you sell you work?

A- You may find my work in the following physical locations:
Antler Gallery - Portland, Oregon
Paxton Gate - Portland, Oregon
Paxton Gate - San Francisco
Altar PDX - Portland Oregon